Get The B2-H Tactical Pen..

  • The incredibly strong aircraft grade aluminum body can take a beating. Whether you drop it, throw it, or hit it with a hammer. You'll be surprised at the B2-H Tactical Pen's resistance to damage
  • Just the right amount of weight and feels well balanced in your hand. It is heavy enough to use for self defense, but not too heavy to write with
  • The ballpoint tip is retractable so your pockets are protected from unwanted ink stains. Simply give the writing end a gentle twist to conceal the ballpoint tip
  • The glass breaker on the B2-H Tactical Pen is indispensable. If you get trapped in a car and need to break out, this pen does the trick and more!
  • Its waterproof too, so feel comfortable carrying it in all weather conditions. (For quality purposes we recommend NOT submerging it in water)
  • Add the B2-H Tactical Pen to your bugout bag, your car, use it at the office, the choice is yours
  • The texturing on the pen makes it nearly impossible for it to slip out of the most sweaty of hands
  • The B2-H Tactical Pen makes a great gift. What guy wouldn't want a tactical pen?
  • We always get compliments when sporting our own pens, and we can almost promise you will get the same treatment
  • Each pen is covered by a 365 day warranty. If your B2-H Tactical Pen breaks for any reason we will replace it ASAP
  • Get your B2-H Tactical Pen and have the cool gadget all your friends will envy
  • WARNING: Supplies are limited and this offer may end at any time

Yes, Ship Me My B2-H Tactical Pen ! ($19.80 Value)

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